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Panorama Stitching

Course time: Duration: 60
Duration 60 Credits
Categories Projects, Computer Vision

In this course, you will learn to develop a panorama stitching application. To construct our image panorama, we’ll utilize computer vision and image processing techniques such as: keypoint detection and local invariant descriptors; keypoint matching; RANSAC; and perspective warping.

Part 1: Concepts, Basic Operations

  • What is Computer Vision?
  • Installation of Python 3 in Windows
  • Installation of Open CV & Other Packages for Image Processing
  • Setting up the Working Directory for OpenCV
  • Read an Image using OpenCV
  • Save and display images in OpenCV
  • Computer Vision - Basic Concepts of an Image

Part 2 :  Basic Image Operations

  • Basic Image Operations
  • Color Spaces in Image Processing 
  • Properties & Pixels of an Image - Basic Image Operations
  • Draw Geometric Shapes using OpenCV
  • Change Color Space of an Image in Open CV
  • Basic Image Operations - Splitting Image Channels
  • Plot an Image in Python using matplotlib
  • Plot Multiple Images in Python using matplotlib
  • Region of Interest in an Image - Basic Image Operations using OpenCV

Part 3: Geometric Transformations

  •  Geometric Transformations
  • Scaling of an Image
  • Translation of an Image
  • Geometric Transformations
  • Affine Transformation
  • Perspective Transformation

Part 4: Key points

  • SIFT key points and SIFT descriptor
  • SURF key points and SURF descriptor
  • Extract SIFT, SURF key points
  • Compute key points descriptor
  • Visualize key points

Part 5: Feature matching

  • How to match features in one image with others
  • Brute-Force matcher and FLANN Matcher
  • Brute-Force Matching with SURF Descriptors
  • Brute-Force Matching with SIFT Descriptors and Ratio Test
  • FLANN based Matcher

Part 6: Panorama stitching

  • Homography matrix
  • RANSAC Algorithm
  • Panorama stitching algorithm
  • Detect keypoints and extract local invariant descriptors
  • Match the descriptors between the two images
  • Use the RANSAC algorithm to estimate a homography matrix using our matched feature vectors.
  • Apply a warping transformation using the homography matrix
  • Complete the Panorama stitching program

hSpace Team

hSpace Team

hSpace Team