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The hSpace's Network

hSpace is growing to become a platform for digital human resource supply and training, digital transformation innovation and development for the Vietnam's market. The hSpace's activities are based on strategic alliances, associating symbiosis between Universities/Institutes and Business/Industry. hSpace Academy (hAcademy): On Demand, Personalization, Fullstack: Conceiving, Designing, Implementing and Operating, Scrum-based Learning. hSpace Digitalization (hDigital): Consultant and Implementing digitalized business and industrial activities, processes, competencies and models hSpace Innovation (hInnovation): Startup funding, Startup acceleration, Innovation & Development, Tech Demand and Supply Connection. hSpace Digital Human Resource (hDigitalHR): Supplying and recruiting IT-human resource of part time job, freelance job, temporary work for teaching, development and research.
The hSpace's Network


The hSpace's courses are designed for full-stack programs including basics, frameworks, tools, SDKs, hardware, and deployment. The courses are achived to build real-world applications, such as financial bigdata systems, smart agricultural systems, smart contract system,... from industrial demand and trend. The systems were developed and deployed in market by hSpace's researchers and developers. hSpace's skilled teachers have intensive researches, industrial experiences, and responsibility and seniority in training. The learners will be asked to get to personalized their learning-path way based on their knowledge of major, domain-expert and working demand.

To  become hSpace's teachers, please read the teacher's requirement and objectives, then submit the form including full name, email, phone number, request and curriculum vitea as beside.During 48 hours from registration, hSpace's staff will contact you.

If you want to ask questions before do registration, please just click on contact and submit your request or using the hSpace's chatbox at the right-bottom side.



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