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  • Họ và tên :

    TS. Nguyễn Văn Huấn
  • Đơn vị :

    Trường Đại học Inha
  • Kinh nghiệm :

    Nhà nghiên cứu cao cấp và quản lý dự án
  • Chuyên môn :

    Computer vision, Pattern recognition, Image and video processing, Biometrics, Machine vision, Machine learning, Deep learning
  • Ngôn ngữ :

Liên hệ

TS. Nguyễn Văn Huấn



INHA University,                                                                                            Incheon, Korea

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology, GPA 4.0(/ 4.5)                        24 Feb 2012

  • Research duration: August 2008 – Feb 2012
  • Dissertation title: “Feature extraction and quality assessment of iris and facial passport photo for biometric conformance tests”
  • Projects involved:
    • Intelligent Video Surveillance System                                    (From 2011.10 ~ 2012)
    • Hyper-spectral image processing                               (2007.02 ~ 2010)
    • ISO standard based passport photo verification        (2008.08 ~ 2010.12)

INHA University,                                                                                Incheon, Korea

Master of Science in Information Technology, GPA 4.13(/ 4.5)    24 August 2008

  • Research duration: August 2005 – August 2008
  • Thesis title: “Fast Pre-Processing and Quality Assessment of Iris Images for Recognition”
  • Projects involved:
    • Iris segmentation and recognition                             (2005.08 ~ 2008.02)
    • Hyper-spectral image processing                               (2007.08 ~ 2010)

Hanoi University of Technology                                                                   Hanoi, Vietnam

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, GPA 7.8 (/10)     June, 2005

  • Course concentration: linear algebra, computer structure, algorithm, database, computer graphics, programming languages.
  • From March, 2016 ~ now: Adjunct professor at School of Information and Communication Engineering, Inha University, Incheon, Korea
  • Course concentration: Pattern recognition, computer vision, digital image processing, biometrics, deep learning
  • Project supervisor/R&D: Multiple camera surveillance system, Image super-resolution interpolation
  • From August, 2014  ~ now: VisionIn Inc.
  • Global R&D Center
  • Position: Senior researcher and project manager
  • Product development: OLED defect detection and classification, image restoration, fingerprint recognition, vision-based fire detection system, license plate recognition, machine vision library
  • 2012 Sep ~ 2014, Feb: Researcher at Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS Tech. Inc., Seoul, Korea)
  • Projects:
    • Human violence/fighting detection based on video
    • Hybrid PTZ camera system: System of single PTZ camera and multiple fixed cameras
    • Video restoration: De-weathering (de-fog, de-rain, de-snow, …), video enhancement
  • 2012 Feb ~ 2012 Aug: Post-doctor research at Computer Vision lab, Inha University
  • Project:
    • Vehicle detection and tracking in video
  • Team leader in projects during Ph.D research duration:
  • ISO standard based passport photo verification
  • Hyperspectral image processing
  • Teaching assistant for the supervisor as a part-time job at Department of Information and Communication, Inha University (Feb. 2008 – Jun. 2008)
  • Acquainted with using biometric devices
  • Programming languages:
  • C/C++/VC++
  • Computer vision libraries: OpenCV, IPP, MIL, OpenMP
  • Vietnamese:               Mother language
  • English:                       Fluent
  • Korean:                       Basic communication


  • Huan V. Nguyen, Hakil Kim*, Jinsong Liu, Thi Hai Binh Nguyen: A universal fingerprint minutiae extractor using convolutional neural networks, IET Biometrics (SCIE) (major revision)
  • Trung Dung Do, Van Huan Nguyen*, Hakil Kim: Real time and robust multiple-view gender classification using gait features in video surveillance, Pattern Analysis and Applications (SCI) (accepted Feb 2019)
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International conferences

  • T. D. Do, X. Cui, T. H. B. Nguyen, V. H. Nguyen and H. Kim, "Blind Deconvolution Method Using Omnidirectional Gabor Filter-Based Edge Information," 2018 1st International Conference on Multimedia Analysis and Pattern Recognition (MAPR), Ho Chi Minh City, 2018, pp. 1-6. doi: 10.1109/MAPR.2018.8337513
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  • Van Huan Nguyen, and Hakil Kim: A Novel Circle detection method for iris segmentation. 2008 International Conference on Image Processing, May 2008, Hainan Island, China


  • Jungseok Scholarship for foreign students’ Inha University (2005~2012)
  • Excellent student scholarship during bachelor degree at Hanoi Uni. Of Technology, Vietnam (2000~2005)

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