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Text Scanner

Course time: Duration: 60
Duration 60 Credits
Categories Projects, Computer Vision

Making your computer "read" and identify text from images! In this project you will make your computer "read" and identify texts! You will learn to develop a computer vision based text scanner that can scan any text from an image using the optical character recognition algorithm and display the text on your screen. You will also learn image processing algorithms, image thresholding, optical character recognition and many more amazing new skills.

Part 1: Concepts, Basic Operations

  • What is Computer Vision?
  • Installation of Python 3 in Windows
  • Installation of Open CV & Other Packages for Image Processing
  • Setting up the Working Directory for OpenCV
  • Read an Image using Open CV
  • Save Image using waitKey Function in Open CV
  • Computer Vision - Basic Concepts of an Image

Part 2 :  Basic Image Operations

  • Basic Image Operations
  • Color Spaces in Image Processing 
  • Properties & Pixels of an Image - Basic Image Operations
  • Draw Geometric Shapes using OpenCV
  • Change Color Space of an Image in Open CV
  • Basic Image Operations - Splitting Image Channels
  • Plot an Image in Python using matplotlib
  • Plot Multiple Images in Python using matplotlib
  • Region of Interest in an Image - Basic Image Operations using OpenCV

Part 3: Geometric Transformations

  •  Geometric Transformations
  • Scaling of an Image
  • Translation of an Image
  • Geometric Transformations
  • Affine Transformation
  • Perspective Transformation

Part 4:  Basic Video Operations

  • Basic Concepts
  • Capture Video in Open CV
  • Play Video using OpenCV
  • Save Video as a File using Open CV

Part 5 : AdvancedImage Operations

  •  Advanced Image Operationsin OpenCV
  • Smoothing an Image
  • Simple Thresholding of Images using OpenCV
  • Adaptive Thresholding of Images using OpenCV
  • Edge Detection using Canny Algorithm

Part 6:  Computer vision based text scanner

  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Programming Logic for Computer Vision Based Text Scanner
  • Installation of Tesseract Engine on Windows
  • Installation of pytesseract Package
  • Optical Character Recognition using pytesseract
  • OCR from a Rotated Image
  • Computer Vision Based Text Scanner Project

hSpace Team

hSpace Team

hSpace Team

Text Scanner