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Basic Python Programming

Course time: Duration: 45
Duration 45 Credits
Categories Skills, Computer Vision

Python is an object-oriented programming language, High level, powerful, created by Guido van Rossum. Widely used by the developer community and many research groups around the world. TStatistical pigs come to the beginning of 2019, Python is currently the most popular language. Used to write all kinds of applications from applications, desktop apps, network servers, machine learning, embedded systems, etc.The majority of python libraries are distributed in open source formats, making it easy to find, install, use and be supported free by a large user community.


Part 1: Introduction

  • Introducing the Python programming language
  • System installation
  • Install programming support tools
  • Install basic libraries
  • Create a working environment

Part 2: Basic components of the Python programming language

  • Basic data types
  • Basic control mechanical structures
  • Functions and Classes
  • Instructions for looking up commands

Part 3: Working with the Numpy library

  • Array and array index
  • Quickly browse the array elements
  • Tính toán số học và đại số tuyến tính với Numpy

Part 4: Data representation with Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries

  • Data representation in the form of points, lines, box shapes
  • Subplots, axes and figures
  • Basic charts
  • Demonstration of relationships of data by seaborn
  • Graph with different data groups with seaborn
  • Represent the distribution of the data set
  • Representing linear relationships of data

Part 5: Machine learning is basically with Scikit-learn

  • Brief introduction of basic machine learning algorithms
  • Download sample data sets with scikit-learn
  • Train models and predict results
  • Review model

hSpace Team

hSpace Team

hSpace Team

  • Python uses syntax that is easy to learn
  • Rich library
  • Large user community
  • Free open source
  • Expandable and embedded