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ilyra Project: Smart Agriculture

iLyra is the IoT platform technology for Smart City, Smart Healthcare, Smart Agriculture ... to meet the 4th industrial revolution in progress. The basic system for smart agriculture includes the main components.



1. Monitoring of agricultural environmental factors

Environmental monitoring and data collection systems include sensor systems installed across the entire grid area, data reader and cloud server. The carefully selected and optimized sensors include sensors: temperature, soil moisture, leaf moisture, etc., depending on the installation options of the business and farmers. Data readers are designed to be placed in membrane houses, net houses to receive information from sensors.

2. Drip irrigation system according to environmental monitoring data

Drip irrigation is a watering technique that supplies water to the soil in the form of small droplets of water from the tool or device to create droplets located at some point on the ground near the tree. Simple drip irrigation modules include water tanks, piping systems and drip irrigation or drip irrigation. The automatic control part consists of an electric valve that controls the irrigation area, filter, controller number of times and irrigation time of the day. The drip irrigation system can be combined with automatic stools, providing fertilizer when irrigated, this is called fertilizing.