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IT Human Resource

hSpace Digital Human Resource (hDigitalHR) is a member of hSpace, that supply and recruit high quality digital human resources with full time or part-time jobs. hDigitalHR plays an intermediary role between digital human resources and businesses.

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1) hDigitalHR provides, evaluates and selects the right people for the needs of the enterprise.

2) hDigitalHR participates in the HR development process of the company: training skills, professional, providing courses for employees according to the vision and digitalization strategy of the enterprise.

3) hDigitalHR organizes and manages freelance team to develop software for enterprise.

4) hDigitalHR build IT department and software development for enterprise.

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1) hDigitalHR provides part-time jobs in accordance with capacity

2) hDigitalHR commits to job placement with a higher current rate of at least 20% and a working environment that meets its own development needs as expected.

3) hDigitalHR provides consulting, human resource training to have a suitable career development roadmap or career change as required.